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The Iron Chef and Quantifying Art

I imagine that a lot of people have seen at least one episode of The Iron Chef. I was discussing this with a customer the other day and we decided that we liked the old Japanese version with dubbed English over the new American version (apologies to American moderator Alton Brown, who is great). The […]

To Parent or Not To Parent

A beautiful and culturally rich life is not something that just happens. It typically must be designed and nurtured into a young person from an early age. I will tell you about one parent who did just that. He pointed his metaphorical bat at the bleachers and knocked it out of the park. It was […]

Compilation of the Best Piano Jokes

‘Haven’t I seen your face before?’ Judge Cleary demanded, looking down at the defendant. ‘Yes, you have, Your Honour,’ the man answered hopefully. ‘I gave your son piano lessons last winter.’ ‘Ah, yes,’ recalled Judge Cleary. ‘Twenty years!’ ____________________ True story: In teaching a little girl piano, a teacher told her the intervals are called […]

Musical Quotes, Quips and Anecdotes

Here are some more quips, quotes and anecdotes that I found. The are mostly from composers and pianists but some are by others. Many are humorous but some just interesting. “If there is anyone here whom I have not insulted, I beg his pardon.” – Johannes Brahms “Sometimes it is to your advantage for people […]

What is a Piano?

That may seem like a silly question but you would be surprised at how many people, even skilled piano players, have absolutely no idea what goes on inside the big wooden box or even where the design originally came from. I’d like to give you a quick thumbnail sketch of what a piano is, a […]

A Great Gift – Music for Children – Part 3

I really had great aspirations. No, I really did. I was going to do all of this tedious research and give you the top five studies that have shown the dramatic, profound and even incredible impact that a musical education has on children, especially on a young child. Take my word for it, it is […]