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A Great Gift: Music for Children – Part 2

Once upon a time things were different – at least in the area of music education and music enrichment for children. Back in the day, a music education for a young person was a very serious matter and the student was expected to take it seriously. Teachers would interview students to make sure that they […]

Helping Kids Learn to Play Piano

Wouldn’t it be great if every child had the burning desire to play music? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your son or daughter had tenacity in practicing, wasn’t intimidated by learning a new skill, was never distracted by all of the myriad of other attractions and entertainments that beg for attention, didn’t have other commitments […]

How to REALLY Buy a Piano – Part 4

 Just a quick note before the post. I taught Portland Piano Company’s first live “How to REALLY buy a piano” seminar at the shop this last Saturday with the help of our institutional rep. Bill Lewis. I think things went quite well and the plan is to hold one of these periodically whenever the interest […]

How to REALLY Buy a Piano – Part 3

In this installment (check out previous installments here: part 1, part 2) I want to give you some practical tips and checks that you can use in your piano purchasing quest. I’ll try to keep this not overly technical but the geekish among you can dig deeper or contact us with your questions. First, let’s […]

How to REALLY Buy a Piano – Part 2

When I was working full-time in the showrooms of piano shops I would tend to use analogies a lot. I found that for most people buying a piano is typically a once or maybe twice in a lifetime event for the buyer. That being the case, most people know very little about buying a piano […]

How to REALLY Buy a Piano – Part 1

There is nothing quite like a good piano to fill a home with beautiful music. The piano is called the king of instruments for good reason. I don’t think that I have ever known a really top-level musician who did not have some keyboard skills, no matter if they played guitar, violin, trumpet, bass or […]

Do Piano Lessons Improve our Quality of Life?

I came across this article in “Psychology Today” the other day and it made me wonder just how many stories similar to this one are out there?  Clearly, the woman who wrote this article had extraordinary obstacles to overcome and piano lessons were very beneficial for her to say the least.  But for the rest […]

Safeguard Your Investment – Piano Tips

Safeguard the investment you’ve made in a fine piano by taking the following steps: When you’re not playing your piano, it is best to close the fallboard and protect it with a slipcover. When cleaning your piano, take care to only use a dampened, soft cotton cloth or soft brush to wipe the surface. Before playing […]