What is Your Piano’s Pedigree?

Pianos are romantic, music making devices. Just their presence in a room elicits emotions. Especially once someone starts to play them, the music can really move us. There are also stars that have created timeless scenes with the help of pianos. Where would the movie Casablanca be without Sam’s piano? The concert grand at the White House is famous. Jerry Lee Lewis once actually upstaged guitar hero Chuck Berry with his grand piano. Of course he had to light it on fire, but I can guarantee that the audience was watching that piano more than Jerry Lee.

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Local man playing piano outside on sidewalk

Public Piano Playing Phenomena of Piano. Push. Play.

You might be walking by the Portland Art Museum off Park Street in Portland sometime and hear piano music playing somewhere. The music might be so good (classical, jazz, blues) that you may be fooled into thinking that it is coming from a stereo or sound system but turn into the courtyard at the museum and you will see a young man or woman in street clothes playing passionately on a colorfully decorated old piano. Welcome to Portland and welcome to the work of Megan McGeorge, visionary and founder of Piano. Push. Play. Read more

The Kawai Piano Story

Kawai is one of the largest manufactures of pianos in the world. Based out of Hamamatsu, Japan, Kawai distributes acoustic and digital pianos in over 80 countries. That equates to approximately 2800 employee s worldwide and regular annual sales of $1 billion dollars.

Mr. Koichi Kawai, the company founder, showed a great mechanical aptitude as a teen. Read more

Grotrian Steinweg Piano

The Grotrian Piano Story

The Grotrian piano has a long and storied history and an almost mythical attraction for serious piano enthusiasts who are looking for that extra “something” beyond the ordinary. Germany is one of the most celebrated countries in the world for piano building and the award winning Grotrian is among the most prestigious pianos from that country. Friedrich Grotrian, the patriarch of the family, began building pianos 175 years ago and the company is currently Read more

A One-of-a-Kind Piano Store

I know that this is a fairly bold claim to make – a one-of-a-kind piano store – but I think that I can make a reasonable case for it. For many years Sherman Clay Pianos was the Steinway and Sons dealership in Portland, Oregon. The Sherman Clay company, at it’s peak, had eleven stores (mostly in the western states) and was the largest piano chain in the world. After over 100 years in operation Read more