The Kawai Piano Story

Kawai is one of the largest manufactures of pianos in the world. Based out of Hamamatsu, Japan, Kawai distributes acoustic and digital pianos in over 80 countries. That equates to approximately 2800 employee s worldwide and regular annual sales of $1 billion dollars.

Mr. Koichi Kawai, the company founder, showed a great mechanical aptitude as a teen. Read more

A One-of-a-Kind Piano Store

I know that this is a fairly bold claim to make – a one-of-a-kind piano store – but I think that I can make a reasonable case for it. For many years Sherman Clay Pianos was the Steinway and Sons dealership in Portland, Oregon. The Sherman Clay company, at it’s peak, had eleven stores (mostly in the western states) and was the largest piano chain in the world. After over 100 years in operation Read more

Review of 101 Piano Practice Tips by Tracy Selle

I came across this review by Dr. Melody Payne, NCTM on her blog at thepluckypianista.blogspot and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!  The music world has been waiting for this! You can find Tracy’s eBook on Amazon.

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