Worldwide Success of Fazioli Pianos

Naples, Florida

$75,000 is nothing to sniff at. That is why it is noteworthy that on March 4, 2015 just prior to his final concert performance, seventeen -year old Erik Lu asked organizers to switch him from a Steinway to a Fazioli piano. Miami is home to the Chopin Foundation of the United States’ National Chopin Piano Competition. Every five years, for eight grueling days, contestants perform before a jury and members of the public. This is where Erik Lu broke the tradition. Read more

How Dirk Nowitzki Motivated Me to Pursue My Passion

In 2011, the Dallas Mavericks won the National Basketball Association (NBA) Championship by defeating the Miami Heat in the final round of the playoffs. This is interesting because they were not considered a serious contender for the title at the start of the season. Bemoaning their aging stars, the Bleacher Report ranked them 9th out of 33 teams and urged them to begin rebuilding with younger players, declaring: “They need to forget about their championship window because it is all but shut.” Their aging star player, Dirk Nowitzki, was good on offense, but not great on defense and by his own admission was not a terrific athlete. 

What in the world does this have to do with playing piano? Read more


The Iron Chef and Quantifying Art

I imagine that a lot of people have seen at least one episode of The Iron Chef. I was discussing this with a customer the other day and we decided that we liked the old Japanese version with dubbed English over the new American version (apologies to American moderator Alton Brown, who is great). The Japanese version seems more like a true food fight. All that is missing is Samurai Swords. If you haven’t seen the show, two world class chiefs face off in competition. One is a regular on the show (one of the Iron Chefs) and one is an upstart who wants to knock the resident chef off his or her throne. A panel of bona fide foodies get to enjoy the two meals and determine the winner. The show can be fun because the two contestants have to use a secret ingredient that they do not know about until the start of the show in every dish. If you are patient I will show you how I think this pertains to playing music without too much of a stretch. Read more