Chia-Ying ChanSunday May 22nd – 7pm

Concert & Masterclass

Featuring :  Chia-Ying Chan 

Ms. Chan will provide short performance at 7pm.

The performance repertoire includes Beethoven, Schubert and others. The event is followed by master class for those who wish to take their playing to a higher level.

Chia-ying Chan Bio

Jiafeng YanTuesday May 24th – 7pm

Concert & Masterclass

featuring : JiaFeng Yan

Mr. Yan will perform solo piano works by Beethoven and Schumann and also piano duo with Chia-Ying Chan.

The program will be followed by a master class. The master class is opened to all ages and levels to improve students’ playing in the aspect of performance practice, color changing, musical imagination and musical approach.

Jiafeng Yan Bio

Kevin Ayesh color photo 2Sunday May 29th at 2pm

Concert featuring - Kevin Ayesh  

Dr. Ayesh’s concert will include works by Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, Fauré, and Gershwin.

Kevin’s concert is free but donations will be gladly accepted.

Pianist Kevin Ayesh has performed throughout the United States

about-pictureWednesday June 22nd – 7pm

Dr David Clarke Presents :

A workshop on how to deal chronic pain for Musicians


If you are experiencing chronic pain, and your current attempts to relieve it, aren’t working despite, medical appointments, pain medications and futile exercises and diets, please join Dr. David Clarke,


Please call to reserve your seat:

503 539-9153