I came across this review by Dr. Melody Payne, NCTM on her blog at thepluckypianista.blogspot and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!  The music world has been waiting for this! You can find Tracy’s eBook on Amazon.

Review: 101 Piano Practice Tips by Tracy Selle

Tracy Selle’s new ebook “101 Piano Practice Tips” was written for parents, but can be invaluable for students, teachers, grandparents, siblings, and anyone who is involved in the life of a child or teen who is taking piano lessons.

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The 101 tips included in the book are brief, to the point, relevant, creative, and can be put into practice (no pun intended!) immediately. Tracy has put together a wonderful list of practice tips and has organized them into sections such as:

*”The Top Ten Things You Can Do Right Now”
*”How to Encourage Good Quality Practice”
*”All Practice Does Not Need to be at the Piano”

This book even includes tips from kids and tips from parents!

There are tips about having fun, creating a great practice environment, encouraging students to practice more, including grandparents as practice helpers, seeking opportunities for your child to perform, and many more. I’ve already put quite a few of her suggestions onto my list to encourage my own students, and I’m excited to see the looks on their faces when I have them do some of the fun tips such as wearing a special practicing hat :)

I’ve recommended this book to all of my piano families, and I hope you do too! Whether you’re a music teacher, a parent who plays an instrument, a parent who doesn’t play an instrument, a grandparent, or someone who is involved with a child or teen who is taking lessons, this is a great book to add to your virtual bookshelf, and it is full of a variety of tips to have up your sleeve :)