“Because we love music” has been the Grotrian piano company’s motto since 1835. Across the years, into the 5th and 6th generations of the Grotrian family, this one thing has never changed.  

“Because we love music” remains the Grotrian family motivation to this very day.

History of Grotrian Pianos

Though the Grotrian factory was completely destroyed in World War II, the family persevered and production was restored shortly after the war ended. In 1974, 5th generation Knut Grotrian built a new factory in Braunschweig, Germany where production remains today.

Through it all, generation to generation, the foundation of the Grotrian family tradition has remained unchanged: A unique tone and love for music.

Grotrian Today

While highly qualified workers continue to manufacture Grotrian grand and upright pianos by hand at the highest level of quality in the Braunschweig location, in 2015 Grotrian brought in a new shareholder, the Parsons Music Group.

With this family owned, economically powerful shareholder, a new product line has emerged: Wilhelm Grotrian; named after the first son of Friedrich Grotrian, company founder.

The New Wilhelm Grotrian Product Line

These instruments are designed by Grotrian, assembled in Asia, then undergo the last finishing works in Braunschweig provided by their high-quality craftsmen.

Wilhelm Grotrian WG 188 piano

The Wilhelm Grotrian WG line comes equipped with:

  • Renner hammers
  • Kluge keys and
  • Sitka Spruce soundboards
Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 165 piano

The Wilhelm Grotrian WGS series comes equipped with:

  • FFW felt by Fitzfabrik Wurzen GmbH (German felt manufacturer)
  • Röslau strings
  • Sitka Spruce soundboards

What Makes Wilhelm Grotrian Unique?

This new line offers high-quality and excellent sound at an affordable price. For nearly 25 years, my life has been all about pianos. Loving pianos and selling pianos. I’m totally smitten with the new line of Wilhelm Grotrian pianos but don’t rely on my opinion. You really must come see and play for yourself.

Wilhelm Grotrian WGS 122 piano

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