Fazioli pianos… Too good to be true? I’m sure many of you have experienced the “too good to be true” feeling. The little voice in the back of your head that says, this simply can’t be true. It’s way too good. Way too perfect.

When I first played a Fazioli piano, I thought… this piano has to be unique. It must be “one of the good ones.” It’s been nearly 5 years since the first Fazioli piano arrived at our store and I can tell you yes. Absolutely yes!

What Makes Fazioli Pianos Worth It

Fazioli pianos are this good. All Fazioli pianos. They are way beyond good…  Almost indescribable!

Our new Fazioli F278 9’ 2” concert grand, hand-selected by Angela Hewitt, confirms this in spades. The powerful, rich sounds produced by Fazioli concert grand pianos astound audiences and fill large concert halls.

Fazioli F278

We’ve represented other top tier piano brands. Brands that required at minimum a full days’ work to prepare them for play. This final in-store prep was expected, the norm, so to speak.

Until, we started representing Fazioli pianos.

The Secret to Fazioli Quality

Master builder and company founder Paolo Fazioli himself, requires that no piano leave his factory until he deems it perfect. And perfect they are.

Completely finished, finely prepared, and concert stage ready. Every piano adheres to strict Fazioli specifications, and the quality of the sound these instruments produce is a reflection of this painstaking process. Now this is integrity.

Paolo Fazioli had a dream. A dream of building the finest grand piano in the world. We believe he has realized this dream.

Paolo, however, continues to research, to test, to try new ideas. In fact, he’s most at home in his factory. This is where he longs to be, where he can’t wait to get back to when business takes him away. Along with his son Luca, at this beloved factory, the strive for perfection will never stop.

Luca recently confirmed this when he visited our store last month. New ideas, new concepts, whatever it is, you can be assured that Fazioli will continue their pursuit.

Although now, to build the finest piano in the world, is to improve their own creation.

Experience the Perfection of Fazioli

Discover how a Fazioli piano earns its reputation for impeccable quality by visiting our showroom in Portland, Oregon.

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