Naples, Florida

$75,000 is nothing to sniff at. That is why it is noteworthy that on March 4, 2015 just prior to his final concert performance, seventeen -year old Erik Lu asked organizers to switch him from a Steinway to a Fazioli piano. Miami is home to the Chopin Foundation of the United States’ National Chopin Piano Competition. Every five years, for eight grueling days, contestants perform before a jury and members of the public. This is where Erik Lu broke the tradition. Although he began the competition on a Steinway grand piano, he switched to the handcrafted Italian Fazioli and went on to earn the top prize. Rachel Naomi Kudo won second prize also on a Fazioli concert grand – $75,000. This year for the first time the competition offered Fazioli in addition to Steinway and Yamaha pianos.

Sunny Reuter of Euro Pianos Naples, represents Fazioli in Florida. She congratulated Mr. Lu and Ms. Kudo on their winning performances commenting: “We wish Eric and Rachel all the best as they move on to Warsaw (Chopin competition) later this year noting in the right hands, Fazioli pianos are impossible to beat.” From his offices at the Fazioli factory in Sacile, Italy, Paolo Fazioli followed the competition on the internet. “Sometimes it is difficult to put faith in the unfamiliar, the unknown. I am happy to see contestants playing my Fazioli pianos. And, I am happy so see them winning with Fazioli.” Eight contestants in total competed on Fazioli pianos. 


Back in November of 2011 UNESCO, the education, science and cultural arm of the United Nations, established an International Jazz Day to honor and celebrate this unique music art form. This year the festivities and concert will be held on April 30th, 2015 in Paris near the main UNESCO headquarters. The event is chaired by jazz piano legend Herbie Hancock and will feature a cadre of the who’s who of Jazz including Al Jarreau, Dianne Reeves, Marcus Miller, Lee Ritenour, Wayne Shorter and a host of others. Fazioli is very proud to be providing a F278 model onstage for the concert, which should be a fabulous showcase for some of the finest jazz talent in the world.

Tel Aviv

The 14th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition was held in May, 13-29, 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The first experience of the Fazioli Company at the Arthur Rubinstein in Tel Aviv ended in a very fortuitous and gratifying way for the builder. In the competition five out of the six finalists chose to play on a Fazioli piano for their last performance. Thirty six where the pianists came from all over the world and competed for one of the most important prizes in pianist lifetime. The winners were:

Antonii Baryshevskyi: 1st Prize

Steven Lin: 2nd Prize

Leonardo Colafelice, Andrejs Osokins & Maria Mazo: 3 Finalists Prizes

After joining the Chopin Competition in Warsaw (2010) and the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow (2011) as technical partner, Fazioli has been proud to accept the invitation from Tel Aviv for the 14th edition of “The Rubinstein,” where the competitors are given the possibility to chose among two different instruments (from two different piano makers).

Only five competitors chose the Italian piano from the first stage. However, after Maria Mazo’s performance of the Mozart Concerto for piano and Orchestra KV 467, the situation completly changed, with four more finalists deciding to “leave” the piano chosen at the beginning and switching to Fazioli – a F278 selected at the factory in Sacile by Daniil Trifonov (winner of the last edition of the Rubinstein Competition).

New York

For more than 80 years only one famous piano brand was used by the illustrious Juilliard School of Music, one of the most important and prestigious institutions in the world for high level musical training. This monopoly was broken in 2011 when the famed school bought a Fazioli grand piano for use in their school. At first, the school took the Italian piano on trial but after positive comments and a thorough evaluation it decided to go forward with the purchase, which was historic given the special arrangement that the school has had with Steinway for so many years.