Our world changed in 2020… many things will never be the same.

We’ve found we can work from home, we’ve rediscovered family meals, family game night and how to create a fun staycation. We’ve figured out how to make our own coffee and cook our own food. We’ve become master crafters, child entertainers and skilled gardeners. We’ve learned to make ourselves presentable from the waist up for Zoom meetings, we’ve eaten too much, exercised too little and watched way too much television. We’ve missed getting together with friends and extended family, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, baby showers and funerals. We’ve missed concerts, county fairs, church services and movies. Our children and grandchildren have missed school, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports and friends.

No matter our age or religious and political beliefs, we can all agree that we’ve missed out on a lot of things this year. However, there is something we can all do with our newly found time and resources. Albeit stressful at times, by staying home, we’ve saved money on gas, oil changes, tires, restaurants, daily coffee runs, entertainment and vacations.

Why not use this money to improve your life and your children’s lives with music?

Learn to play the piano!

Learn to Play Piano from Home

You can connect to teacher’s and join lessons online, you can write your own music and form a family band. Making music strengthens your brain, melts away stress, adds joy to your life and creates memories you and your children will hold dear for the rest of your lives.

With pianos starting at just $479, now is the time to invest in music and invest in positive memories during these unprecedented times.

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