When it comes to choosing a new upright piano, how does one decide which instrument will work best for them? Aside from finish, there are several factors you will need to consider.

Kawai pianos offer an award-winning selection of acoustic, digital, and hybrid pianos. Even if you’re interested in this innovative brand, deciding which model is best for you can still be a tough decision. Read our Kawai piano reviews to learn what to look for based on your piano needs.

What Size Upright Piano Do You Need?

Most vertical pianos measure 5 feet or less in width and 2 feet or less in depth. Measure your wall space and if you have 60 inches of horizontal space, you will be able to accommodate a Kawai upright piano. 

Height must also be considered if you’re placing the piano under a window, on a stairwell wall, or under a piece of art. Kawai studio upright pianos are 44.5 inches tall to 46 inches tall. Kawai upright pianos measure 48 inches to 53 inches tall.

How Will You Use Your Kawai Piano?

Beginners, musicians, schools, churches, and so many more can find a Kawai model that works best for how they plan to play.

Kawai Pianos For Students & Musicians

The K series of professional upright pianos from Kawai are the primary pianos we recommend for student and practice use. With several models to choose from ranging in size from 45 inches for the K200 to 53 inches for the K800, one is sure to suit your needs. 

The 48” Kawai K300 is our best-selling Kawai upright piano. The height is ideal and the delightful tone projected by the tapered spruce soundboard is capable of producing a wide range of sounds. From sweet, soft pianissimos to reverberating fortissimos, the K300 will surpass your expectations. The K300 is also equipped with Kawai’s revolutionary Millennium III upright action. The Millennium III action, designed with components made from carbon composite materials, provides extraordinary musical expression and an extremely responsive touch. 

The K3, predecessor to the K300 won acoustic upright of the year for 4 consecutive years; the model K300 builds on that legacy.

Kawai Pianos For Schools & Churches

If you’re looking for a piano to use in a school or church, Kawai offers three outstanding options for institutional settings. 

The Kawai 506N, UST9, and ST1 are built specifically with heavy use in mind. These institutional pianos are strong, durable, exceptionally playable and built to last. They have dependable double rubber wheels for easy moving, reinforced benches and are the perfect height for instructors who are required to play and teach at the same time.

The ST1 and UST9 are equipped with the Millennium III upright action, the 506N features Kawai’s Ultra-responsive Direct Blow action. 

All three institutional pianos come with a solid spruce soundboard and reinforced back assembly for durability and tuning stability. These high-quality components backed by Kawai’s 10-year warranty make the Kawai family of institutional pianos stand out as a reliable and affordable option.

Kawai Piano Features

If you’re wanting an acoustic (non-electric) piano you can play anytime, anywhere without disturbing anyone, Kawai offers the K300 Aures and the K200 ATX3. The acoustic muting feature allows pianists the convenience and flexibility of playing with headphones. 

These exceptional Hybrid pianos include but not limited to features like integrated Bluetooth and audio wireless technology, virtual technician capabilities, and SK-EX Rendering Piano Sound Engine. Kawai Hybrid pianos deliver when it comes to exceptional acoustic and digital performance.

Get Your Kawai Piano

Our piano experts can help you decide which Kawai piano model would work best for you. Visit our Portland showroom to try out different options and talk to our team today.