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The Kawai Piano Story

Kawai is one of the largest manufactures of pianos in the world. Based out of Hamamatsu, Japan, Kawai distributes acoustic and digital pianos in over 80 countries. That equates to approximately 2800 employee s worldwide and regular annual sales of $1 billion dollars....

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The Grotrian Piano Story

The Grotrian piano has a long and storied history and an almost mythical attraction for serious piano enthusiasts who are looking for that extra “something” beyond the ordinary. Germany is one of the most celebrated countries in the world for piano building and the...

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A One-of-a-Kind Piano Store

I know that this is a fairly bold claim to make - a one-of-a-kind piano store - but I think that I can make a reasonable case for it. For many years Sherman Clay Pianos was the Steinway and Sons dealership in Portland, Oregon. The Sherman Clay company, at it’s peak,...

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Portland Piano Company

It is our mission at Portland Piano Company to provide high quality pianos, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.