The history of the Seiler piano company is fascinating.

Seiler pianos was founded in 1849 by Eduard Seiler, who also happened to be a very accomplished pianist. Eduard used his skills and love of invention to handcraft his first independent model. The lovely transparent, bright tone of this first piano, built in Liegnitz, Germany, remains characteristic of all Seiler instruments to this day.

History of Seiler Pianos

In 1872, a Seiler piano, presented for the very first time in Moscow, was awarded a gold medal. Many other awards followed. When Eduard passed away in 1875 his son Johannes Seiler took over the company which now, employs 120 piano builders. In 1898 the 25,000th Seiler leaves the factory. Seiler pianos are now acclaimed worldwide.

In 1923 with third-generation Anton Seiler at the helm, the Seiler factory is now producing 30,000 instruments a year and has 435 employees. Seiler has become not only the most famous but also the largest piano builder in Eastern Germany. In 1945, World War II brought devastation to Seiler. Not only did the Seiler family lose their home, they also lost their parent factory. Fourth generation Steffan Seiler risked his life salvaging all of the scale designs to preserve them for the future. Steffan then starts up the production of pianos using the traditional Liegnitz scale designs in Denmark. Finally, in 1957, production is once again possible in Germany and in 1961, the Seiler Pianoforte Factory moves to its new home in the Bavarian town of Kitzingen.

Innovative German Pianoforte Factory

Many years of invention and innovation continued in the Seiler factory and in 2005, Seiler was the oldest and largest German pianoforte to be still fully in German ownership and to have remained in the hands of the same family for five generations. Since then, Seiler has become part of the Samick Music Corporation but still today, Seiler handcrafts its lines of exquisite grand and upright pianos in Germany and they are exclusively marked with the “RAL Quality Seal of German Pianos.” New lines have since been introduced – Eduard Seiler in 2011 and Johannes Seiler in 2013.

Colorful & Stylish Instruments

In addition to a history of high-quality innovation, Seiler pianos with exotic wood finishes and colors like Ferrari Red, Gray and Midnight Blue started appearing at national forums. Who says pianos have to be black?? These exciting new finishes are not only a welcome change and an incredible design element for the home, but they are also amazing pianos to boot.

Try Out a Seiler Piano

Portland Piano Company is excited to carry these innovative and beautiful Seiler piano models. We encourage every piano enthusiast to come in for a “test drive.” Your ears, fingers, AND eyes will not be disappointed.

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