You’ve got your fiancé, you’ve got your venue, your cake, flowers, and the invites have been sent. Things are gearing up not just for a great wedding, but an incredible start to your life together as partners.

For country weddings in a backyard, city weddings in a modern upscale space, or elegant weddings in an ornate ballroom, one element flows through them all – and that is beautiful music. But where do you start? Would you rather have a black desk set up with a giant speaker in a corner or a grand piano to fill the room in a way only a piano can?

At Portland Piano Company, renting a piano for your wedding is a specialty we put a lot of care and attention toward. While some may not know where to start, we do our best to make it as easy and simplistic as possible. If you’ve dreamt of a nine-foot concert grand or a simplistic upright, that can be easily accommodated with a rental from Portland Piano Company.

If you’re curious about the information needed in order to book – please keep reading!

Piano Rental Process

Included in the rental fee is an in-store tuning, delivery, and pick up within a Portland zip code. Out of area zip codes warrant mileage fees that will be quoted upon request.

Our movers operate between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Monday through Saturday. After hours, Sundays, and holiday moves are available, but warrant overtime fees that will be quoted upon request. With special permission from a venue, pianos can be left overnight as long as the venue can be locked and the piano is indoors.

How to Rent Piano for Wedding

To secure a one-day wedding piano rental with Portland Piano Company, we would need you to provide the following information:

  1. Requested piano size
  2. Requested date for delivery
  3. Delivery address
  4. Delivery time frame window (two hours preferred)
  5. On-site contact: name and number of the individual that would be our moving company’s contact to sign off on paperwork upon arrival
  6. Location of the piano at your venue: stage, riser, lobby, front room, etc.
  7. Determine whether the movers would need to navigate any stairs, steps, or elevators during the move. You MUST confirm with the venue the size of the elevator and if the desired piano will fit. If there are stairs, the exact number of stairs is needed – additional moving fees may apply.
  8. Requested date for pick up
  9. Pick up time frame window (two hours preferred)
  10. Billing information: Individual, company, or school name, address, and phone number.
  11. Should you request an on-site tuning, that is an additional $135
  12. Optional insurance waiver covering up to $25,000 is $35.

When Malia – our Concert and Event Director – has all those necessary components of information, a Merchandise Loan Agreement containing a contract and invoice will be emailed, the rental can then be confirmed and scheduled with our movers.

Should you ever have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Malia. She’s well versed in this industry and very knowledgeable pertaining to pianos, artists, the venues in the Portland Metro area, and what the needs are of each.

Event Rentals with Portland Piano Company

We hope to be able to not just provide you a beautiful piano, but make it a truly spectacular and memorable addition of music on the most spectacular and magical day of your life.

Contact our event coordinator in Portland today for your wedding piano rental!