Music lovers know that there is nothing in the world like live music. Hearing the resonance and melodic quality of a grand piano in concert is one of the best ways to appreciate both the instrument and the artistry of the player. For centuries, concert pianists have brought the gift of music to audiences and they continue to preserve the classical art form to this day with skill and precision. Concert pianists represent some of the most esteemed and talented musicians in the world, and to perform, they need an equally remarkable instrument. 

For those searching for a new piano, there are dozens of high-quality brands out there. What better way to decide which brand to trust than by looking to the most accomplished in their field? 

The prestigious XVIII Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition was held on the 21st of October, 2021, and brought together the world’s best young pianists. Two brands are notably popular among these world-class musicians: Fazioli and Shigeru Kawai. Several of the finalists played a Fazioli piano. Most notably, three of the six prize winners chose the Fazioli brand, including the first-place winner, Bruce (Xiaoyu) Lou. The second-place winner opted for a Shigeru piano.

Shigeru Kawai & Fazioli Pianos

What Piano Do Concert Pianists Use

So what makes these two brands so popular among concert pianists? Each brand offers its own elegance and musical quality and they excel in providing instruments worthy of being heard in the most prestigious and historic concert halls in the world.


Since its founding in 1978, the Fazioli brand has generated worldwide acclaim for its exquisite craftsmanship, rapidly becoming one of the preferred brands of concert pianists. Fazioli grand pianos are individually hand-crafted with extreme care, which is why each piano takes approximately three years to construct. The company only produces about 150 pianos each year.

The detailed work that goes into crafting a Fazioli piano can be experienced both in its elegant design and its euphonious notes. They are known by trained pianists for their precision, consistency, and outstanding action quality. The brand produces grand pianos in a number of sizes, and its largest model is known for adding a fourth “soft” pedal, which softens the impact of the hammer, offering a unique sound and superior control. 

Shigeru Kawai

The Shigeru Kawai brand creates equally magnificent pianos. Each instrument is handcrafted by Master Piano Artisans and is only built with the highest-quality woods and materials. The company has truly blended unique passion and quality handiwork with advanced modern technology to produce unparalleled sound. 

Shigeru pianos are famous for their rich and full-bodied sound and uniquely balanced tone. Fewer than 250 Shigeru pianos are manufactured each year. The company shows its dedication in unique ways. Each individual who purchases a Shigeru piano is visited by one of the master artisans in the first year of their purchase to guarantee quality performance and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a piano, you can’t go wrong with either of these phenomenal and highly respected brands. They both display extraordinary dedication to pianos and craftsmanship. There is no better testament to their quality and reliability than their popularity among the most distinguished professional concert pianists around the globe. These accomplished and masterful performers need to be confident that their piano is of the highest quality in terms of precision, presentation, and melodic quality, and these brands go above and beyond.

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