Kawai CN39 Digital Piano

The design of the CN39 boasts the beautiful piano tone of the incredible Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano with stunning accuracy using Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology. An authentic, responsive touch, considered to be among the best available, is the Responsive Hammer III keyboard action. Developed with premium audio specialists, Onkyo, the CN39’s powerful sound system will suit any need be it casual or professional.  Exceptional visual clarity of the control panel, placed to the left of the keyboard, is our latest technology developed OLED display. With built in Bluetooth, playback from mobile divices is seemless along with wireless MIDI connection with other devices.  With standard features like Grand Feel Pedal System, Spatial Headphone Sound selection, and USB capabilities, the CN39 is one of the most popular digital pianos available for both novice, casual, and seasoned player. 

Make: Kawai
Model: CN39

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