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Kawai’s award-winning line of digital instruments is the result of a never-ending effort to create the world’s most authentic and innovative digital pianos. Relying on over 90 years of experience in building fine acoustic pianos, Kawai creates digital pianos that offer the finest combination of touch and tone available today.

Baldwin BP165 Grand Piano


Since 1980, Casio has been making musical instruments that inspire musicians around the world. No matter whether you’re taking your first steps, adding a musical centerpiece to your home or studio, or going out on tour, there’s a Casio that’s just right for you.


Nord digital pianos are renowned for their exceptional quality and realistic piano sound. With meticulously sampled grand pianos, cutting-edge technology, and a user-friendly interface, Nord pianos offer musicians a versatile and expressive instrument for both stage and studio performances. Their sleek design, portability, and extensive sound libraries make Nord digital pianos a preferred choice among professional and amateur pianists alike.

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