Genio Piano Silencer

for Upright and Grand Pianos


  • 16 High-resolution musical instrument sounds
  • 16 user presets allow you to edit and save your favorite sounds
  • 128 General MIDI musical instrument sounds to supply all the versatility you need for your music. You can also playback Standard MIDI Files (SMF).
  • Use the built-in 4-track sequencer to record and monitor your performance as well as build up complicated multi-part performances one track at a time.
  • You can use the keyboard of your acoustic piano to record music to a computer. Then, you can score your performance with notation software.
  • Connect to your stereo system.

Kits Includes

  • Sound processor and control unit
  • MIDI optical sensor rail
  • Mute rail and attachment brackets
  • Connection cables and accessories
  • 1x set stereo headphones

QRS PNOmation3 Player Systems

Wi-Fi Direct – there is no internet connection requirement.
You can log on as though it were in StandAlone mode. This is great for Wi Fi client setup, losing internet, and any other access that does not require an internet connection.

Wi-Fi Network Client – The benefits of being a client on your network.
Multiple players can be accessed on the network. Access to exclusive content, auto updates, ease of access, smart home integration, Amazon Echo, Apple watch, PNOcloud backups and auto PNOcloud updates are all possible. Uses the Wi-Fi Direct mode simultaneously.

Bluetooth MIDI – Instant access to third-party apps without the need for wires. From Piano Marvel to Garage Band.

Bluetooth Audio In – stream content to the system using QRS’s secure AMI signal. This allows you to watch streaming video performances on any device or large screen while also allowing you to listen to them.

Bluetooth Audio Out – Bluetooth speakers up high can be synchronized again using the delay settings of the PNOmation system.

3G Option – This future feature provides you with unique and essential network capabilities, without the need for a Wi-Fi network.

The best part is that it’s easy to set up.

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